Taxi Transfer from Casablanca Mohammed V Airport – Central Casablanca:

In Casablanca, you’ll find two kinds of taxis; the Grand taxi cars, that are mainly for transport between cities and from the airport, and the Petit taxis, that stay within the city. The Petit taxis in Casablanca are all red, very small (mostly Fiat Uno, Peugot or other similar types) and have a roof rack for luggage. Petit taxis never accept more than 3 customers. The Grand taxis are larger cars, often a Mercedes, and beige/cream coloured, and don’t use the taximeter.The taxis can be found at certain (official or unofficial) taxi stands, or be hailed most anywhere.If you are less than three people, you will soon notice that you might not be the only customer in the same cab; if the driver finds another customer along the route heading in the same direction, he will usually pick him or her up too!

General taxi fares in CasablancaIf you arrive at the Casablanca train station or airport, you’re very likely to be approached by taxi drivers offering set fares for the trip to your destination. Don’t accept these offers, unless you know you aren’t getting ripped off. See below for typical fares.For cab rides within Casablanca (with the red Petit taxis), be sure that the taximeter is turned on; the taxi drivers often seem to forget to use it, although they are obliged to. Set taxi fares will inevitably be at least three times higher than with the taximeter.The minimum fare is 7,5 dirhams, and after 8pm, a 50% surcharge is added to the total fare. Taking a taxi in Casablanca is by western standards generally quite cheap. A trip within the central city shouldn’t be more than 10 dirhams.


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