Bus to Essaouira from Marrakech Airport Price

The usual price for a ticket with CTM or Supratours Buses to Essaouira is usually about 70.00 Dirham per person. This approx 6.50 Euro per ticket. There is also a 10.00 Dirham luggage charge on both Bus companies.

For solo travelers who want to get to Essaouira, this is good deal. The buses are usually comfortable and you really can’t beat that price.

Is the Bus to Essaouira really a good deal?

So, the Bus ticket price is good, but is that everything that you need to pay to get to your Hotel in Essaouira when using the bus?

Far from it.

First, you need to get from Marrakech Airport to either of the Bus Stations. Public taxis should not be considered for this…they are old, clunky and uncomfortable with no air conditioning. Also, you really don’t know how much you are going to have to pay for a public taxi from Marrakech Airport. The public taxi drivers often overcharge people. That’s exactly the reason why we started marrakechtaxitransfert.com !

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