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Celebration of Music

The 20th anniversary of the Gnaoua and World Music Festival is one of celebration

A celebration indeed as music is at the heart of the festival’s original philosophy.  The most talented artists to a fusion-based gathering with Gnaoua masters and together they will create moments of musical improvisation.

Absolutely polyphonic, mixing the most diverse variety of styles the Essaouira Festival evokes the most unique emotions, top moments of communion through a high variety of music.  It is a true-to-life experimental musical laboratory, an open sky studio that celebrates its 20th anniversary offering a first in programming.

All the big names will be there for concerts full of energy  where the legendary blues of Lucky Peterson will pair with the aerial jazz of Bill Laurence, the frenetic rhythms of Carlinhos Brown or the eminently wise voice of Ismael Lô.

The musicians, friends of the Festival and true actors and witnesses of this special adventure are returning to the Essaouira stage for revisited creations like the residency formed by Maalem Abdeslam Alikane and Ray Lema who have been playing together for 20 years.  Mention can also be made of the refined performance conceived by Roy Ehrlich and his colorful company with the Band of Gnaoua.  Not to forget with all this the unbridled energy of Amazigh Kateb and Gnaoua Diffusion.

But the festival has as its leading force the desire to always renew itself.  This year several residencies have been specially created to celebrate this 20th anniversary.  Truly original presentations like the pairing of indo-Pakistani Sufism and tagnaouite offered by Titi Robin or the Guinea trip of Sidi Ben Ali Hamdouch created by Maalem Hasan Boussou and friends.

Essaouira offers those looking for spirituality true music and intemporal benchmarks, the possibility of meeting and expanding horizons through dialogue:  Since its inception the Festival strives to keep alive the richness of the Moroccan musical heritage.  This year the young Moroccan musical stage and maalems from across the country and traditional companies will take part in this celebration.

A pioneering and authentic Festival, the Gnaoua and World Music Festival will come to the city of the Trade Winds, the former Mogador, and together sing the praises of freedom and tolerance.

The magic of the Festival will be there and isn’t it true that 20 is the best age of all?

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